Theo working on a Brazilian jiu jitsu painting for the LocoJitsu project

Theo working on a Brazilian jiu jitsu painting for the LocoJitsu project

About my BJJ art project: LocoJitsu

LocoJitsu is an art project by Artist Theo Howard, who loves brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, and grappling! Theo can do custom bjj paintings to order! The art project is to simply create lots of great jiu jitsu paintings and prints that capture new perspectives and the excitement of jiu jitsu.

About the Artist, Theo Howard

I am an artist and painter, and I love brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, and grappling sports! Being an artist has been tough, and I had to do a couple of other jobs sometimes to make ends meet. I started graduate school for occupational therapy at about the time I was introduced to Brazilian jiu jitsu (2012), and in hindsight, I should have dropped out of graduate school instead of BJJ back then, I would have been much happier. After graduate school, I switched to web development because graduate school was extremely expensive and art had never made me much money. The first opportunity to build a professional website was with the BJJ school that I had started with, and BJJ was like therapy for me to recover from graduate school. Getting back into the BJJ community was so joyful, I could go on for days about the benefits of BJJ.

As my passion for BJJ recovered, and I was working closely with bjj gyms to develop their websites, I decided to make BJJ artwork to sell online and to people that I know. In January 2017, I set a goal to make set ten BJJ and judo paintings for this website. I nearly accomplished my goal, and started selling prints of the work that I had finished. Almost immediately, I started getting commissions original BJJ artwork from the local BJJ community!

I hope that this artwork can inspire others who love BJJ, jiu jitsu, and judo; I also hope to add muay thai, kick-boxing, wrestling, and yoga to the painting collection as well soon!

New bjj bluebelt Theo Howard with 2nd degree-blackbelt Thales Blaso

New bjj bluebelt Theo Howard with 2nd degree-blackbelt Thales Blaso

If you’d like a custom painting of you doing your martial art for your home or dojo, please contact me! I want to connect with you and develop great artwork and interest in the sport!

Thank you!

Theo Howard

Madison Judo at Science Festival

Madison Judo at Science Festival Madison Judo did a judo demonstration at the Wisconsin Science Festival in Madison WI. Ian, of Madison judo asked me to take some photos during their demonstration. They had a Powerpoint, had students showing...

Sketch of Shawn Hammonds Stronghold BJJ Seminar

Resources for those who attended Shawn Hammonds BJJ Seminar at Stronghold Athletics in Deforest WI, Including main takeaways and drawings of the techniques

LCCT Seminar BJJ Sketch Portrait

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar Sketch I do social media and web administration for Rise Up Martial Arts in Madison WI. We hosted a seminar by Luiz Claudio of LCCT from Chicago, and I took photos and video, and thought it would be really cool to draw a sketch...

Custom Paintings for Kioto Brazilian Jiu jitsu in New York

Professor Regis Milton Attacking from in Guard It was good to work on this as a BJJ portrait, capture the position, and bring movement and tension to a seemingly static position. There is a balance to rough technique and tight details of the painting, and I enjoyed...

New Brazilian jiu jitsu painting: Portrait of Wade Barden

Portrait Painting of Wade Barden by Michael Velotta of Foundations BJJ This Summer, Wade Barden of Stronghold Athletics was scheduled teach do a seminar at Foundations BJJ in Madison, WI. Instructor Mike Velotta of Foundations messaged me a couple of weeks before the...

Brazilian jiu jitsu Portrait paintings

Brazilian jiu jitsu Portrait paintings My first finished commission, first BJJ art show, and first display of artwork at a grappling Tournament! The last month has been extremely busy with making Brazilian jiu jitsu paintings. I finished my first commissioned portrait...

StrongHold Athletics BJJ Camp 2017

I attended StrongHold Athletics' Midwest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp 2017 was a great opportunity to meet BJJ practitioners from all over Wisconsin and the Chicago area, and train under talented Brazilian jiu jitsu competitors including Shawn Hammonds, Nick "Chewy"...

BJJ Scrimmage Milwaukee

BJJ Scrimmage Milwaukee April 1st, 2017- BJJ Scrimmage Milwaukee at Nova Gyms and Martial Arts in Oak Creek, an event by BJJ Clinics. The first competition BJJ event I showed my artwork at, and I got beat up pretty good! Such a great event, so many great people! What...

Interesting Differences from BJJ: Judo Seminar with Lynn Roethke

Judo Seminar with Lynn Roethke Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in a judo seminar led by Olympic Silver Medalist Lynn Roethke. Lynn Roethke has tremendous charisma, and communicates techniques and concepts really well. The attendees that she was...

Minimum Viable Product approach to Artmaking: Just Paint Jiu Jitsu

What is the Minimum Viable Product(MVP) and where does it come from? Programmers are some of the most clever, and hardest working people that I've had the pleasure of working near. I spend a lot of time around serious, independent programmers five to seven days per...

Message me!

Do you want Custom artwork?

Custom art pieces are made to order! All that is needed are high-quality photos of the person or people engaged in the sport, or however you'd like them posed! For fees and agreement, please contact!

Theo painting brazilian jiu jitsu artwork in the art studio

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