Custom Jiu Jitsu Artwork

Do you want custom BJJ or judo artwork for yourself, a gift, or your dojo or gym? Get in touch!

I am building a portfolio of custom jiu jitsu artwork, made to order. Get in touch if you would like custom BJJ or judo artwork for yourself, a gift, or your dojo or gym. I love working with people to make really exciting, expressive work!

I can paint anything, even you grappling with a samurai, a robot, a demon, or a dragon!


A great way to celebrate getting a belt promotion!

Belt promotions are a big deal, and this is a great way to commemorate it! Belts don’t come easy in jiu jitsu, and it’s great to reward yourself or someone close who deserves it!

My first custom bjj art portrait painting

Message me!

Do you want Custom artwork?

Custom art pieces are made to order! All that is needed are high-quality photos of the person or people engaged in the sport, or however you'd like them posed! For fees and agreement, please contact!

Theo painting brazilian jiu jitsu artwork in the art studio

Blog Posts

Preparing to sell art at bjj tournaments

The steps I am taking to sell art at bjj tournaments In my third month of this art endeavor, I am preparing to take my artwork to my first tournament as a vendor. I am make progress on my first bjj painting commission (right) and I have just sold my first art prints...

My First BJJ Art Commission

Since starting this new art endeavor, the Brazilian jiu jitsu community has been very encouraging and positive! As an artist, I take encouragement from friends and family with a grain of skepticism to hedge against overconfidence; although people have always expressed...

Results: January Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Painting Goals

Results: My January Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Painting Goals My January goal has been to produce a several Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (bjj) paintings and drawings, and build a store for them online. Through this goal, I have developed a strong art process for making the artwork,...

Jiu Jitsu Painting Progress

In December, I met with Taryn of LoveSum, and I committed to making jiu jitsu painting progress for this website, LocoJitsu. The goal was to build this website, get it ready to sell prints, and create artwork to sell on it.  I really love Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo,...

January Art Blitz!

My goal for January Art Blitz goal was to produce several jiu jitsu art pieces, and this was the result and process. I used graphite pencils & acrylic paint

Recovery from a judo injury with yoga

BJJ and Yoga Judo Injury: Rehab with Yoga I don't want to overstate this, but I did yoga three times last week, and my ankle that was injured about 9 weeks ago is feeling so much better and more stable! Tons of RICE over the first 7-8 weeks, but it was pretty stiff...

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