January Art Blitz!

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Madly Painting Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo paintings

My goal for January is to have several paintings of judo and brazilian jiu jitsu paintings finished and online in my store, in both print and painting form. My ambition to build this store started last summer, but I have been so busy building websites and putting on art events, it got put on the backburner for a while. Now that I have a little time budgeted, I’m cranking out artwork to prove the model!

The Process of Creating the Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Artwork 

I am developing a process for executing this work efficiently. I need to work with some judoka (judo practitioners) and Brazilian jiu jitsu artists to get some great photos of techniques and positions to work from. 

I drew these on high-quality artists paper based on images from creative commons search. I used pencil, then used a blue and red wash of acrylic paint to get a good base to work from. I like the red-purple-blue as a base because it can be worked with lighter and darker tones, as well as warm and cool contrasting colors. Look at the gallery below to see the process

  1. pencil drawings 
  2. mid-tone, mid-temperature wash
  3. adding light and dark contrast

I need to work on these some more, but it is important to start with great drawings to create great paintings. 

Creating and Executing an E-Commerce Plan

I have been planning to start a store for jiu jitsu art since at least last Summer. I organized a speaking event through my organization Artists Making Art at the American Family Insurance Dreambank about E-Commerce, where four e-commerce experts shared their expertise with attendees.

Future Plans for Yoga Art and Samurai Art

In the near future, I plan to create more jiu jitsu artwork that incorporates samurai and other traditional costume and military garb.

Soon I will also be offering yoga artwork, so stay in touch!

Get in touch if you want to get involved or would like custom artwork!

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