Madison Judo at Science Festival

by | Nov 7, 2017 | judo

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Madison Judo at Science Festival

Madison Judo did a judo demonstration at the Wisconsin Science Festival in Madison WI. Ian, of Madison judo asked me to take some photos during their demonstration. They had a Powerpoint, had students showing different techniques with steps, slow motion, and full speed. They also did a nice demonstration of balance with a broom, to show that the center of gravity may be off the center of an object. It was a quick and simple demonstation that lasted a half hour, but they covered a lot of topics, and made it very accessible to children of many ages.

It is important for judo and jiu jitsu to demonstrate that it effectively uses physics of leverage to kids because it is educational, and gets another generation interested, and recognizing it. Kids and adults who attended and saw the demonstration now have a better understanding of what judo is, compared to other martial arts, and what scientific principles are involved.


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