Preview of bjj painting print hanging on wall

“I purchased these for my boyfriend who is an avid student of the art of jiu jitsu. He LOVED them and the quality really impressed me. Shipped in well contained packages, backed with a sturdy material that doesn’t take away from the artwork. Seller was prompt, checked in on the package during delivery and was great to work with.”

Taylor P.

Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo paintings


This is what a print typically looks like when it hangs on the wall. Canvas prints and paintings are 1.5″ deep, and have fantastic color.

  • Great to hang at Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo gyms
  • Great gifts for BJJ and judo practitioners and enthusiasts
  • Customizable! Gi, belt, and background colors can be customized, and gym logos can be added!
  • Mugs and T-shirts coming soon!
Theo painting brazilian jiu jitsu artwork in the art studio

Custom Brazilian jiu jitsu art

Theo Howard working on a Brazilian jiu jitsu painting. Contact him for custom painted artwork of you doing Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling, or other martial arts.

Do you want Custom jiu jitsu artwork?

Custom art pieces are made to order! All that is needed are high-quality photos of the person or people engaged in the sport, or however you’d like them posed! For fees and agreement, please contact!

Custom Art Request Form

My Jiu Jitsu Art Blog: Art and Practice

This is where I will be documenting the jiu jitsu art-making process, from showing how the art is made, to promoting my art locally and online, as well as the people that I meet and places I go. I see this art as an opportunity for adventure and a lifestyle!

Brazilian jiu jitsu and Judo Posts

Results: January Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Painting Goals

Results: January Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Painting Goals

Results: My January Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Painting Goals My January goal has been to produce a several Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (bjj) paintings and drawings, and build a store for them online. Through this goal, I have developed a strong art process for making the artwork,...

Jiu Jitsu Painting Progress

Jiu Jitsu Painting Progress

In December, I met with Taryn of LoveSum, and I committed to making jiu jitsu painting progress for this website, LocoJitsu. The goal was to build this website, get it ready to sell prints, and create artwork to sell on it.  I really love Brazilian jiu jitsu and judo,...

Art Posts

January Art Blitz!

January Art Blitz!

My goal for January Art Blitz goal was to produce several jiu jitsu art pieces, and this was the result and process. I used graphite pencils & acrylic paint

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