Preparing to sell art at bjj tournaments

by | Mar 12, 2017 | art | 0 comments

The steps I am taking to sell art at bjj tournaments

My first custom bjj art portrait painting
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Progress on my first custom bjj art portrait painting

In my third month of this art endeavor, I am preparing to take my artwork to my first tournament as a vendor. I am make progress on my first bjj painting commission (right) and I have just sold my first art prints this week.

Over the next month i will be focusing on contacting bjj and grappling tournaments to sell my prints and services. The first one that I contacted is called Combat Corner, in West Allis Wisconsin. It was the first tournament that I ever participated in, and I am very excited. I need to put together some promotional materials, and print artwork to sell, and probably do something exciting to draw attention.

How to prepare for vending at the event

To prepare to vent at my first bjj tournament, I will need to:

  • Bring original art and prints to sell
  • Be prepared to gather contact information for those interested art
  • Bring art supplies for live demonstrations
  • Print a larger banner
  • Print flyers and business cards
  • pay the tournament a fee to vend, which is typical for vending at any event, and a great way to support events
  • find out what is provided, such as tables and chairs, etc. and find out when I need to arrive to set up

Tell me what tournaments to sell prints and artwork at!

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